A Nightmare with flixbus

I am Clemencia Gutierrez, Colombian tourist making visits in sweden to a Swedish friend who traveled with me that day, so I will tell you our story and what we had found, because there had been more a lot of more cases like ours without answers

We make the online reservations of the bus N770 (Copenhaguen – Paris) for Wednesday 8 of August, first we received a SMS the same day of the travel 7 hours before, saying that the bus was delayed 5:40 hours, we decide to take it because we had already the hotel payed and booked since Thursday 9 of August.
The bus arrived, we tooked it, but the bus didn´t have any of the services they offer in the web page, it was dirty, so dirty that the bathroom was closed to avoid use, so the service offered on the website was not real and less for a travel of 16 hours! there was no wifi or electrical connection, again none of the services offered on its website.

Second and according to the rights that correspond to us as passengers, flixbus must offer clear information at all times, that never happened because we speak English as a world language and nowhere at the time of offering your services, says that I should speak German or French for communicate.

With the continue of our story, the bus stopped at 11am in the middle of Germany and ESSO stop at 30 minutes of Olemburg, we got off to go to the bathroom and buy something to eat (just 10 minutes), and the bus left us without nothing, when we call costumer Service they only talk German, even in the option of English! when we finally could comunicate with someone in a really bad Swedish, they told us this exact answer ” your bags should be in Brussels, I really can´t tell you where just arrive there and ask” – we ask – How can we arrive to Brussels from here? – she answer – “Well that is on your side, we have an office where you can buy the tickets in Olemburg, but you have to pay for those, or how you want to arrive”- That was all the help that we could get!

So now, we have follow all the protocols of Flixbus for have any answer of our luggage, since 9 of August, but nothing happened.

As I told you before, ours is not the only case, I looked in diferent travel forums and I had found several cases with the same problem, so I ask is really a lost and found department? the Customer service are bots? they are doing something about it? how that company keep working?

I have a list of our belongings, and the minimal value is 2500 euros, without counting the artisanal mexican Jewerly or the cost of a new passport for the Swedish person.