Lost luggage

So, my story begins before two days (28th of December) when I travelled from Zagreb to Berlin with Flixbus (line 060). The trip started at 8:30 and ended up in 23:30. The route was from Zagreb, through Maribor, Vienna and Praha all way to Berlin. We had one stop that lasted half an hour somewhere in Austria.

On the trip, somebody by mistake took my bag. Or I’m hoping so.It was the black sports bag, medium size, with some stuff I really love; nothing much expensive just usual daily stuff; one jacket, some Christmas┬ápresents, my shoes and make-up.

This situation could easily happen because it was the long ride and drivers didn’t give us any sticker or label for luggage. (I don’t know if this happens in other bus companies)But the problem was much bigger when drivers couldn’t explain to me what I’m supposed to do because they don’t speak English, Germany or any language of a country we went through.

I only understand that situations like this happen all the time but there’s nothing they can do…Then I tried to reach Flixbus service but they don’t have any useful number I could call. And the only thing they have for these situations is lost&found confirmation on their web page.

I really don’t know what to do, should I call the police? Is it possible that situations like this happen all the time? Have any of you had a similar experience? If the answer is yes, have you ever found your bag?…Please if you have some helpful information or maybe know what I’m supposed to do, please let me know.This is my first bad experience with Flixbus and I’m really hoping to find my bag.