My recommendation? Never travel with Flixbus

On September 7, I made a trip from Berlin to Amsterdam at 10:00 pm and my ticket data (requested by them on the complaint form) is Booking number # 1007341191 and Connection N31.
After arriving at my final destination, On September 8, at 10 o’clock, I discovered that Flixbus lost my suitcase. I bought tickets for 2 bags and took one big and one small, but just the small suitcase was there, and in this suitcase only had bikini and beachwear., previously used in Turkey and Greece, and some fragile gifts. My very things, like clothes, accessories, sneakers, medicines, make-up and anti-allergy hygiene items and my medicines were there.
I immediately asked what I would do without my stuff and how it had happened because I had put the label with name and destination that they sent in PDF, according to the bus team, there was a suitcase left and there was a notebook in it, it was very probable that someone had taken it by mistake and that soon they should make the exchange. Again, according to them this would be an easy situation to solve and they gave me the contact phone to call and explain what happened. They considered this error normal and easy to solve, they did not pay much attention.
I rushed to the hostel and called them asking the attendant to fill out the online form: and that only the staff of lost and found could do anything, no one could solve anything else.
After completing the form, they give no tracking number, just a message that the team will search for the lost item and will shortly contact you. To confirm, I contacted the company through Facebook, I explained my situation again and they, once again, informed that they could not do anything and that they should wait.
I asked what I would wear because it was very cold and my jacket for those cases was in the bag and how I would medicate. They told me to find a temporary solution until they had some news of my suitcase, lost by them. In other words, it was said that although they lost my suitcase and I was the injured client, they would not do anything to help me and that I should have the psychological and financial expense to survive without their support.
I’ve tried every form of contact and a friendly agreement or support. Personal items that had a lot of affection, quality products and developed to not present any allergy, my remedies, shoes, my favorite pants, chargers, Pen drive, electric epilator purchased exclusively for the trip. It was all there. I was literally in the middle of a journey that until then had been wonderful and had reached one of the most anticipated destinies and simply was taken from me practically everything that I set up and planned with affection and the company Flixbus did not take responsibility by anything, refusing to provide any support or reimbursement of the expenses that I was forced to have to at least get a shower and get dressed.
I stayed in the hostel until the outside temperature becomes at least acceptable to get to a convenience store to buy, a sweater, a set of sweats, base, protector, a package of socks and panties (39) and a pharmacy to buy hygiene items (16.93 euros). I bought only one set of clothes in the hope that the next day they would have solved the situation. But that was not what happened and after spending all these days with two changes of clothes, paying for a whole machine to do one laundry at a time. I was forced to buy a few more shirts and a new pair of jeans, plus 27 euros. All these were extra expenses that I would not have to have and they bought products that do not compare the quantity and quality of the products that I had in my bag and the company did not offer me any Euro or bothered to offer medical support for my condition.
After waiting, waiting and not finding my suitcase and no money. I needed to buy more clothes for the heat of Portugal and keep me for 15 days in Europe, as well as a new suitcase to put the new items purchased.
They lost my suitcase, which had the tag requested by them, still did not return/found and took no responsibility for anything and I did not have any support, only messages that they regret a lot but hope they will soon return the item “lost”.
I have been since September 8, 2017 expecting Flixbus to act as a serious company and reimburse me for the “lost” items for it.