My story with Flixbus

I’m from Brazil but last august I was backpacking through Europe and, on a Flixbus route from Brussels to Amsterdam, the bus driver left me alone at a restaurant in the middle of the road. Everybody inside the restaurant (a very tiny place) was shocked when I told them the bus driver was simply gone with no notice at all.
He didn’t doublecheck if any passenger was missing inside the bus and left. Funny fact is that I was on my way to the bus (which I could see, wasn’t ready to depart), but decided to take a quick pee before I entered the bus (the bathroom was right at the entrance of the restaurant, it didn’t take me more than 2 minutes in there) and when I went out it was simply gone. I called Flixbus right away and a very rude lady said she couldn’t do anything for me.
I told her the route I was doing, the time I took the bus, the destination but, according to her, she couldn’t track the bus for me to follow it neither call the bus driver (he had just gone). So I found myself at a foreing country which I didn’t speak the language and had nothing with me besides a couple of euros.
Everything I had was inside the bus. My money, my wallet, my backpack, my passport. Everything. And she said she couldn’t do anything. I took a cab then a train to Amsterdam to try to find the bus but never saw the bus or the driver at the final destination. Talked with some Flixbus staff at a bus stop, but they couldn’t do anything. My money, my passport, my backpack, everything I had was never delivered at the lost and found by the bus driver.
What I assume is that he stole everything and Flixbus simply complies with him and doesn’t care about that at all. I was on my way to the airport and lost my flight, lost my whole trip because of the money and eveything else was inside that bus. I’m still looking for ways to sue Flixbus for the 2.000 euro loss I had just because of that bus driver, but I wanted to make clear for every traveller how dirty, nasty and human careless this company is. Ruined my vacation, so sad the disrespect.
Another funny thing is that the bus driver spoke with me so many times, he insisted I bought the ticket directly through him, by cash, so I don’t have any reservation number. He knew who I was, I’m pretty sure. 

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