My trip with Flixbus “Lost/ stolen luggage”

I was moving all my stuff back from Berlin to the Netherlands and so had two cases full of all my most valuable possessions in the hold of the bus. 

I had to change in Hamburg and when I got The Hague, only one of my two cases was still in the hold. I assumed the worst – most likely it had been stolen from this bus when we stopped in Amsterdam. I asked the bus driver where my luggage was and he said he didn’t know and that I’d have to call Flixbus. 

I did this and they hung up on me. Twice. They suggested I fill out a lost and found form, even though it was clear that my bag had most likely been stolen and that I had to wait a month for the result of this enquiry. In the meantime, I was left without any of my warm winter clothes and also without many of my prized possessions, notebooks, pictures, my camera … I never once heard Flixbus apologise for what had happened and they treated me without any empathy whatsoever.

They did their best not to take responsibility for the bag and pleaded ignorance of the fact that this must happen all time and that it would be so easy for a thief to take their pick of whatever luggage they so desired from the hold of the bus. Eventually, it turned out my bag had not been found (surprise surprise) and I was then able to file an official conplaint. 

They did their best to draw this process out for as long as possible and I had to continually remind them to reply to me as they often chose to ignore my messages. After having told me to list everything that was in the case and prices receipts, they then told me that they couldn’t take my word for it and that I should feel responsible for having had my bag stolen. 

I found this unacceptable as I paid for the service of them carrying my bags and they never once warned me to take responsibility for my bags or that this kind of a thing could happen. I don’t understand why they don’t just introduce a ticketing system? If they really cared about their customers they would apologise, offer compensation (as required by law) and enforce a ticketing policy. 

Ultimately, they offered me a measly ‘good will’ gesture of some 350 Euro (I was entitled to 1300. Even then, I had to remind them repeatedly to make the transfer and they did their best at every opportunity to not have to pay out. I find their policy of ignorance to be shameful and no way to run a company. I guess they know people are so broke to have to continue to take them and so they can more or less get away with whatever they want. 

How do they sleep at night? (I’m referring to the people at the top and not the exploited call centre employees or bus drivers.) I hope we’re all able to receive just compensation and that they put measures in place so that no one has to go through the heartbreak, not to mention financial turmoil of having their lives taken away from them while they sleep.

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