My worst experience for saving a few euros

A week ago I returned from Lisbon to Madrid, my trip ended at the last stop of the bus, I was carrying hand luggage a briefcase bag which I saw a few minutes before leaving, as I was very busy I forgot it inside the bus.
After 15 minutes of getting off the bus I realized my mistake and called customer service to notify me of my forgetfulness.
I explained what happened asking that please contact the driver of the bus, that I would go anywhere to look for the bag.
After several calls desesperas, since in the briefcase took my computer and very important documents such as my university degrees, employment contracts and a copy of my research project of my doctorate.
No one from the customer service department helped me but they just sent me to fill out a form.
A week of this has passed and I have no news.
I was one of the last people who got off the bus and it was the last stop.
In other words, my belongings are in this company and they have not returned them, they have not answered the form, nor have they sent me a copy of the form.
Conclusion: the cheap thing has left me very expensive.

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